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Golden Tips

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Golden Tips


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golden tips

Golden Tips

Golden Tips is a rare tea of single origin. These golden buds are picked from our bushes grown in our organic tea gardens at elevations of 5500 msl. Our woman artisans with their elegant fingers, handpick these beautiful golden needles

To enjoy this refreshing, but delicate whole-bud tea it is best on its own



  • Organic Ceylon Golden Tip White Tea


  • Use 1-2 pinches of tea per cup
  • Brew in 70°C water for 2-5 minutes until a light apricot to honey color.
  • Note: Golden Tips can be brewed several times, but it is important that water is not too hot, otherwise it will burn the leaf and tarnish the taste. Add an extra brewing minute for each subsequent brew.  Enjoy!

Store in a cool dry place. Keep sealed after opening to retain a fresh flavor.