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Our Story

At Greenfield Farm Organic Life, we grow organic produce with absolute care. We are a team of individuals who work arduously in Sri Lanka, a little island nestled in the Indian Ocean, towards a sustainable grower’s brand that is;


We are a community of individuals and farmers who are passionate about serving organically and fairly grown produce as fresh as possible. The organic estate project commenced in 1992 and the establishment was formed in 1997 and our teas were exported to many countries in the world in bulk form. Today we grow and pack at source to ensure the quality of the produce. We also strive hard to bring an identity to the community of farmers we closely engage with. With this is mind, this growers’ brand, Greenfield Farm Organic Life was established in 2010. Indeed, it is the product of Greenfield Estate – the tale about an incredible journey; the struggles and joys of the farmer and his land.

" “We’re in the business of producing and selling food. Food is for health. You’ve got to produce food that’s good for health – it’s common sense. That’s why we feel organics is the right way.” "


Talk to me about organics. We know we should prefer it to cheaper conventional alternatives. But what is it? In short, it is agriculture, without synthetically manufactured chemicals and fertilisers, just as Mother Nature intended it.

The harmful environmental and health effects directly traced to the use of chemicals in our food are widespread. We all pick our battles, and this is ours. With the means at hand, we want to do our part in repairing what has been destroyed. We embrace organic farming and encourage others to do the same.

All our produce is organic certified by Control Union (Netherlands).


At Greenfield Farm, we are committed to being ethical in our farming and business practices. We have put systems in place to reassure the end consumer of our ethical farming practises. We’ve witnessed the transformation and progression, which has brought a strong support network and a sense of belonging in our farming community. This motivates us and assures us that we are on the right track.


We love what we do and we are in it for the long run. Our aim is not to dictate nature how to do what it has been doing for centuries. We understand our place and we strive to be a part of a self-supporting ecosystem. Our skilled farmers let nature set the pace and help her out where they can through reforestation projects and natural composting.

Greenfield Farm’s are not the sculptured carpets made up of an army of uniform tea plants, that one might expect. Instead, we grow our treasure on rolling hills with rocky formations scattered across the lands and tall trees offering shade, retaining moisture in the soil and increases wildlife in the area. To an untrained eye, it will look much more like a layered forest than an agricultural field, and that’s just the way we like it. Indeed, it may be more challenging in some ways, but we can rest assure that our work leaves a positive footprint on this planet that we call home. Greenfield Farm is Carbon Neutral and Forest Garden certified.


Our quality control starts from the soil itself. We believe that all creepy crawlies enrich the soil. They animate our tea with delicious flavours and aromas. Being organic and encouraging biodiversity through the Forest Garden method is imperative for us to make sure that quality starts at the roots. As a grower’s brand we can see the entire process through, which allows us to ensure that the final products is one that we will be proud to put our name to.

The produce is carefully handpicked, prepared and packed to meet the highest international organic standards.