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  • Welcome to our Blog!

    Welcome to our Blog!

    Our journey so far has been an organic one and our story shared only with those whom we have met in person. We thought it was time to share with you everything we do to ensure that #organiclife stands true to its values, supporting communities and mostly our planet, combatting the effects of climate change.

    We believe that we should eat food grown in harmony with the natural environment and that the farmers who grow them with such love are paid their due respect. We hope to share with you the stories of those who have inspired us and continue to do so with their fight to save our planet on both aspects - social and environment and those who work with us to achieve this.

    Greenfield Farm Organic Life was launched in Sri Lanka in 2010. We started off with a retail presence at Odel, a department store. Our intention was to make available to citizens of this island the best produce that our land offers, which is often only exported, and to offer organic and sustainable produce. Our story began with a range of organic tea and spices portraying the renowned treasures of our fertile soil such as organic Ceylon tea, Ceylon cinnamon and Ceylon cardamom.

    In 1990, Muthu, my dad, stumbled upon this opportunity to work with a phenomenal tea garden in Haputale, Sri Lanka. It was an estate in need of love; and was also about the same time that he was determined to return to farming and doing it organically.

    We were bewildered by how our grandparents lived - very healthy and well. Their lifestyle was simple and Mother Nature provided them in abundance for all of their needs. It was a great sustainable way of life.

    Nostalgic having grown up in tea gardens and being a descendent of this people, he set foot on Greenfield in 1990 as a personal odyssey to transform it into a sustainable organic oasis and paint its people with smiles. He suddenly found himself part of a huge family and laid out a few principles he would work on:

    • Ethical to its people (fair pay)
    • Organic to its land (chemical-free food)

    Eventually, I returned to support my dad with his great vision and added further, extending beyond organics and social welfare – to focus on regenerative agriculture. I was curious to farm without damaging the natural habitat and the rainforests. I went back to an article I read on forest gardens pioneered by Robert Haul. My interest were towards rethinking the food chain whilst tackling two issues - food security and global warming. The link was evident and it was time to trial out a change, a change from what we have been told is the only solution to solving world hunger. To shy away from chemical fertilizers, mono cropping, GMO crops was a challenge To recreate food forests where man would forage healthy, nutritious food blessed by all of the animal kingdom and the arthropods, let every being of the natural habitat work the planet as meant to towards sustenance of their very being and to change our eating habits were part of our new plan. We focused on being sustainable to the environment and implemented the Forest Garden concept (Analog Forestry) in the farms in 2007 aiming for zero carbon footprints.

    Today, our landscape is by no means dreamy verdant carpets of tea, but a forest garden juxtaposed by huge boulders with zero carbon footprints. Tall forest trees protrude providing shade and ensuring moist fertile soil. Our soil is constantly fed with organic compost. Our cloud forests pander to the endemic Sri Lankan leopard and all of the realms of this natural kingdom. Our bees are back pollinating as they should. Our people are paid fair and our children educated. This is the essence of Greenfield Estate today!

    Our journey still trends on serving you with organic, ethical, fair and sustainable produce. We are in the business of growing food by harnessing sustainable practices whilst maintaining healthy eco systems and fighting climate change. It is said that farming is a profession of hope. We continue with hope for our planet.

    Over the 10 years since we launched Greenfield Farm #organiclife, our range has evolved into an organic pantry to include all of the super-foods grown in our forest gardens. You can now shop our products online from www.organiclifeteas.com



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