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    Chai an age old romance : a blend of black tea with eastern spices

    This month, at ORGANIC LIFE, we would like to take you on a journey with us to discover the true roots of our warming Spiced Chai blend. From the crowded alleys of India to the quaint cafes of New York City, Chai has found its place as a global favourite. Though the word ‘Chai’ itself is a generic term for tea in many cultures, we’re here to share tales of something far less ordinary.



    The legend begins many moons ago when a king from the Vedic period in India set out to create a therapeutic remedy for his people. He brought together the celebrated spices of his land and made a beverage so influential and so delectable it went on to play a large role in Ayurvedic practices; widely familiar today in the world of alternative medicine.

    Natives travelled far and wide sharing their ingrained knowledge. Some from Southern India settled in Sri Lanka and while conserving the authentic recipe of their beloved and ritualistic Chai, they opened up an opportunity to enhance it with flavours from a land we now call our home. Thus, producing our proudly Sri Lankan – Indian Romance.

    The base is provided by the purest black Ceylon tea leaves and lovingly built up by adding smokey cinnamon, up lifting cardamom, cloves, pepper, ginger and vanilla for a sweetness to bind the blend together – a marriage of the spices.

    To arrive here is to appreciate the fruits of labour from local farmers who carry sacred chai traditions in their hearts. Their developed knowledge of sustainability and organic methods helps us to enhance the properties of each added element. Once the blend is picked, packed and shipped over to our London based stall in Borough market our valued ‘Tea girls” use the traditional brewing methods we hold so dear to bring this ancient romance of Black tea leaves and Eastern spices to life.  

    This journey, as most great tales ever told, has given us much to be proud of. We have had the honour of receiving a Great Taste Certification for our Chai blend. We have also developed our very own ginger infused honey to accompany each cup we serve from our stall, and while doing so we have created the most beautiful memories of all sharing stories with you, our beloved consumers about your chai tea tales.

    The benefits of this concoction are endless, however the next time you sit down to savour a cup of hot spiced chai consider the fact that with each small sip you take you will aid your digestion, enhance your immune system, improve your circulation and assist your metabolism – to name but a few of this enigmatic tea’s wonders. Besides easing your mind, calming your body from the very first cup.